The Company

Linax is an innovative company on the essential oil business, mastering the production of substances such as “linalool”, extracted from basil, to replace the essential oil currently extracted from endangered amazon species which originally provided that oil, the rosewood. The planned agricultural production of short-cicle basil, associated with an oil-producting company with high marketing capacity makes the project feasible and diminishes the predation over the few rosewood trees still existing.

Linalool specifically is a substance of square job in the aroma and cosmetic industry.
That market seeks essential oils produced from ecologically correct cultivated plants, or obtained through sustentable management that does not compromise the species natural ocurrence, and, preferrably, promotes the development of the society involved in the exploration.
Our company produces essential oils from basil and coffee. The destilled leaf residue is used on natural composition and substratum for use in the horticulture and organic farmings.

The aromas have the capacity to activate sensations and feelings at the lymbic system, the emotion center of our brain. The scent is, even unconsciouslly, associated to emotions that cooperate on loyalty to the most different products and consumption satisfaction. For this reason the consumption of aromatized products, besides the traditional cosmetics and perfumes, have increased, consequently, the usage of essential oils have also increased.
Linax also uses mobile distilling equipments installed on trucks that allows connection “straight from the field” to the factory distilling lines. It consists on a hermetically closed cart which, connected to a vapor source, drags the essential oil, supressing stages on the production process. This technology, and also the the planning and execution of essential oil distillery are part of the rendering services package that the company is willing to provide.

Environmental Consciousness

All waste disposals are managed in an environmental friendly system in accordance with the recommended techniques. There is no discharge of effluents outside the factory area.
From the biomass generated as a by-product of the oil extraction, Linax produces an organic composite and substrate that has been largely demanded for organic farming.
One and a half hectare are dedicated to environment preservation.
Linax keeps developing new methods to extract substances from plants cultivated with good agronomical practices, looking forward to reducing destructive pressure upon other natural sources of essential oils.

Linax’s main goal is to extract essential oils by steam-dragging distillation. All other aromatic plants should be commercialized by Linax by means of market demand.
Our model is to create a large planting area by dealing with rural producers in a 40km economic radius. We have no area of our own. Culture, seasoning, fertilization, soil correction, handling, cutting, transportation and general costs are responsabilities of each agriculturist. The company will pay for the kilo of leaves delivered to us, plus a percentage on the oil yield.

For the suggested planting density, we get about 20.000 aromatic plants per hectare, and 4 to 5 cuts / year, based mainly on handling and irrigation. Basil and eucalyptus plants provide 1kg/plant/cut. It is important to look for short-cycle plants for a sooner payback to the producer. Each species has its own oil income: eucalyptus (1,5%), green basil (0,2%), dry patchouli (2%).Distilling time varies between 1 and 2 hours.
Aromatic plants with a good market price and/or strong demand are, between others: patchouli, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, etc. Those are recommended for cosmetic, food and chemical industries.

Essential oils are known by their bactericide and therapeutic properties. Oil quality is extremely important. Every sold item should be accompanied with samples and cromatographic analysis.
Oil kilo price is generally known at the sale moment, varying from U$7 (eucalyptus) to U$30 (average) at the most.
Eucalyptus and citric oil prices have it’s worldwide standards. There is a demand, but must be produced in large scale. For this, Linax has developed a mobile distiller system, as the distillation occurs on the harvesting cart, diminishing costs and optimizing the process, once the cart can carry the leaves to the industry without unloading it. The cart can carry up to 1ton of leaves per distillation.
Every other aromatic oil are not commodities, being affected by market oscilations. It is very important in those cases to know the market demand before production begins.
There should be clear information about the market demand before the implementation of a distillery and a planting area. In situations that require only a small volume of oil retail market is easier to handle, because of lower investments. In this case, it is possible to use small areas and acquire a small distillery to begin business.

Linax has developed new distilleries, specific for each necessity on oil volume, guaranteeing flawless quality (our distilleries are 100% stainless steel).


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